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The ASME "U" stamp issued by the audit (pressure vessel)

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The ASME "U" stamp issued by the audit (pressure vessel)

American ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) joint review group to visit our company, to our company to put forward by ASME ASME "U" stamp (pressure vessel) issued by the application for a review. The joint inspection team consists of experts from the United States ASME and authorized inspection agencies from the ASME. To conduct a comprehensive inspection and inspection operation unit of our company's ASME quality manual and quality system. After two days of inspection, the unit agreed that our company has ability according to the standard of ASME pressure vessel equipment design, manufacturing, quality system meet the requirements of the ASME specification.
Get ASME qualification and the "U" symbol, that our company reached a higher level in the pressure vessel design, equipment manufacturing and quality management capabilities, but also made a necessary valid passport for products to the world.

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